STX Gear Explosion!

STX Gear Explosion!

2 - Published February 9, 2013 by in Lax Nation

We have been rolling out all sorts of great gear over the past few weeks, but there was always two companies missing (for the most part). That is in part to their own great social media outlets and we respect the heck out of that. We still want to showcase their offerings though, and show off some of the fantastic equipment they have unloaded this spring. Let’s start off with STX Lacrosse!

STX Gear Explosion!

The New Site recently had a very impressive face lift, giving the site a great new look and a very interactive experience for the user. One of these new features is the Team STX page, where you can see their sponsored athletes, as well as all the STX sponsored schools. We absolutely love the new page and layout.

If you haven’t visited it in a while, you really should take some time and go check it out. You could easily get lost in the gear and creating all their custom goodies to your own specs. - Team STX

The Gear!

The new Team STX page is fantastic! You can pick your favorite team and check out all of their new gear for the 2013 season. Here’s a quick peek into what Johns Hopkins page looks like… - Team STX: Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

Looking past the sharp new custom Shadow gear for each team, when you scroll over each item, it tells you which piece of STX gear you are looking at. Scroll even further and you can see which heads and shafts those teams are using this season.

STX has gear up for all of the following schools. We featured our favorite piece of equipment from each page, but recommend you check out the entire collection for each team at their individual Team STX page.

Johns Hopkins – STX Shadow Gloves

STX Teams - Johns Hopkins

Cornell – STX Cell 2 Defensive Arm Pads

STX Teams - Cornell

Lehigh – STX K18 Goalie Gloves

STX Teams - Lehigh

Ohio State – STX Shadow Arm Guards

STX Teams - Ohio State

Penn State – STX Shadow Gloves

STX Teams - Penn State

Syracuse – STX Shadow Arm Pads

STX Teams - Syracuse

North Carolina – STX Cell 2 Goalie Gloves

STX Teams - North Carolina

Navy and Villanova haven’t been released yet, but you know exactly what that means! STX should be releasing them in the near future. Stay tuned to @TizzleSTX on Twitter for all your STX updates and needs.

Check out Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Ohio State, and all the other STX sponsored teams at!

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