STX Alliance Shaft Syracuse Zack Palmer

STX Alliance Shaft – No Longer Just A Prototype!

4 - Published June 21, 2011 by in Equipment, Stick Tech

STX will soon be dropping their new Alliance shaft on the lax world, and I, for one, am pretty excited!  STX’s recent offerings have been much better than what they were putting out 5 years ago, so when they say they’ve got new tech to release, I’m ready to listen!

The alliance shaft was still being developed and tested during the early Spring, and players on both UNC and OSU tested the product out.  From what we heard, reviews were pretty positive.  The shafts literally said Prototype on them, and few people had any idea of what was really going.  Well, as the shaft passed tests, it got branded, and players on more teams started using it.  Jovan Miller of Cuse, Zach Palmer and John Greeley of Hopkins were two of these guys, and the players from UNC kept using theirs as well.

STX Alliance Shaft Syracuse Jovan Miller

Jovi Nation using an Alliance shaft.

Supposedly, the Alliance shaft will come in 3 different variations, and each will be suited to different players’ needs.  It could have to do with strength and weight, but that has been before, SO MANY TIMES.  So, I’m thinking it has to be something else… my GUESS right now is “flex”.  A lot of shafts out there right now are strong, VERY stiff and made out of metal.  I’ve heard these shafts are quite a bit different, and with the C-12 shafts, Easton/Talon shafts, and all the bamboo out there, I’m going to bet STX is going the flex route as well.  It only makes sense!

STX Alliance Shaft Syracuse John Greeley

Greeley, Alliance, STX. Snap.

I haven’t gotten my hands on one of these shafts yet, and I’ve only heard rumors and some veiled messaging, but it looks like STX is going to try to change the game with these new handles, and I’m excited to try one out and see how they’ve progressed!  If guys like Jovan Miller, Zach Palmer and John Greeley are using them, they have to be good.  Just how good is a question we’ll try to answer in the future!

STX Alliance Shaft Syracuse Zack Palmer

How good is the Alliance handle? Can't wait to see!

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