StringKing Summer Snapbacks

0 - Published July 23, 2013 by in Gear

At this point in the Summer I’m sure everybody has been to at least one camp, tournament, or lax event. In fact, most of us have been to several! The amount of lacrosse out there right now is mind boggling and it’s still picking up as we get ready for August!

With that in mind, we’d love to show you the newest addition to the StringKing Lacrosse product line… Limited Edition: Summer Snapbacks! By now I’m sure you’ve seen coaches or players rockin’ the original StringKing Snapbacks around your local tournaments and camps. The guys over at StringKing said there was a heavy demand for additional colors, so they decided to do what any smart company would… deliver. At first, the new snaps’ were just given out to a bunch of pros supporting StringKing (check out the pictures below), but once word got out that these mythical hats existed, there was an insane influx of laxers begging for these colors!

StringKing Lacrosse

Jay Card (Minnesota Swarm) stringing up some StringKing mesh for a camper while rocking his StringKing Snapback. Pure.

StringKing Lacrosse

Matt Miller (LXMPRO Team STX) showing off his flow and interior decorating skills.

StringKing Lacrosse

Matt Miller (LXMPRO Team STX) loving his StringKing Snapback and loving his life.

StringKing Lacrosse

Matt Gibson (NY Lizards/Minnesota Swarm) being jolly.

StringKing Lacrosse

Matt Gibson (NY Lizards/Minnesota Swarm) showing his StringKing and American pride.

Head over to to get your very own Summer Snapback! They are extremely limited and once they’re sold out, they’ll be gone for good! Order yours today!

You can also check out StringKing Lacrosse on Instagram @stringkinglacrosse, Twitter @stringkinglax, and give them a ‘like’ on their StringKing Lacrosse Facebook Page.

Check out the StringKing Summer Snapbacks here!