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Stringing Your FIRST Mesh Lacrosse Pocket

0 - Published November 9, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

While we were out on the Grow The Game Tour, we gave out some mesh kits that StylinStrings donated to the cause. The idea was to inspire kids to learn how to string their own sticks by providing them with the required materials, but we also knew that wouldn’t be enough.

So what was missing? The basics of stringing mesh!

Thankfully, the guys over at StylinStrings also delivered a top notch video that explains EXACTLY how to string a basic mesh pocket, and now we KNOW that the kids out there who want to learn to string, can do just that.

Now, there is absolutely NOTHING about these videos that is high-end when it comes to the technique displayed. And that is JUST the way we like it! There are no fancy knots, no deep channel pockets, and not one hint of pretense! It’s all about starting from the beginning, learning, and spreading knowledge for kids who have never strung sticks before.

If you have never strung a stick before, the above videos are a great place to start. Then, when you’re ready to learn the more advanced stuff, and need a good one-on-one, or group, teacher, you’ll know just where to turn!


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