Argyle Marc Mesh? Check.

Stringing Spotlight: Johnny Christmas’s Maverik Spider

7 - Published June 26, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Stick Tech, String Jobs

John Christmas is one of the most prolific scorers in both UVA and MLL history. He won a National Championship with Virginia in 2003 and was part of one of the DOPEST attack lines ever with the Boston Cannons (Chazz Woodson, Mikey Powell, John Christmas).

John's Encore t-shirts were a fundraiser for the German U19 National team

Today, he plays in the LXM Pro alongside guys like Kyle Harrison, the Brattons, and recent Div III National Champion Sam Bradman (who was picked up by STX). He’s been reunited with his former Boston teammate and Easton frontman Mikey Powell and with 6 goals in the last two California LXM events, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

And if he’s not slowing down, he’s gonna need more than one stick (yeah, he only has one). He loves his game stick, a lime green Maverik Spider featured below, a stick I got to know at the 2012 Berlin Lacrosse Open when he asked me to put in the same shooters I gave to Sam Bradman. He gave me a brand new Spider to string, and after hanging onto it for about a month we finally found the perfect piece of mesh, compliments of Blue Collar Lacrosse.

I was charged with cloning John's Maverik Spider.

John’s pocket is nothing particularly special in terms of stringing methods. It has a nice channel, a medium amount of whip with a tight bottom U the ball sits under nicely so he can really dangle his underhand cradle and shot. If I had to describe it in a word, “Deep.” Most sticks I string I either attach 9 or 10 diamonds to the side. The above has 12, but I managed to accomplish the same pocket with 11. Take a look.

Argyle Marc Mesh? Check.


Bagging groceries.

Extremely intricate dying. BC Lax wouldn't tell me how.

I hope he puts on a show with this thing.

All in all I think this pocket came out really nice, and it really does feel like a new version of his gamer. This was my first experience with Marc Mesh (believe it or not) and it’s definitely a quality product. Thanks to the guys at BC Lax for tossing some my way. I’m glad I got to use it on John’s stick.


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