I wasn't the only guy trying to catch the action.

SSL’s Trip to the Final Four with Epoch Lacrosse

0 - Published August 29, 2012 by in Equipment, Gear, Lax Nation, Sections, Stick Tech

It warmed my heart to see so many laxers in one house.

Almost a year ago now, we reached out to an emerging lacrosse company that we read was producing carbon fiber shafts they said could revolutionize lacrosse. If the Dragonfly shaft could revolutionize lacrosse, I insisted we do a product review.

I had played with composite shafts before, broken a few. I had trouble believing there was something left to be discovered in the wide world of lacrosse shafts. It seemed like a pretty simple formula: stretch a long piece of metal, cut it into like fifty pieces, give one to Ryan Powell (if you’re 25 or older) or Paul Rabil (if you’re 24 or younger) for free, make sure he takes a fancy picture with it, then sell the rest to the public.

Not a month later I was holding sheets of carbon fiber and hearing the production process from the mouth of Epoch Lacrosse’s President, James Miceli at a hotel restaurant in San Jose, CA.

He felt it was important that we see his product. He convinced us it was important that you see it too.

In a year’s time the Epoch’s Dragonfly shaft has found it’s way to important retailers, both online and local, and into the hands of some of the best players on earth (whether you know it or not). They’ve made custom shafts for teams, tournaments, and companies. The Adrenaline Tropics kicked ass with theirs. South Swell featured it on its first episode of Game Day Preppers. And when the Dragonfly returned to the NCAA Final Four in 2012 where Epoch launched it the year before, James wanted its anniversary documented.

James and I had watched the Grow the Game video I made for LAS on the same iPad he demonstrated the Dragonfly’s manufacturing process on. Six months later, Epoch asked me to document the brand’s trip back to the tournament that it made its debut. These are the sights and sounds of the NCAA Final Four presented by Epoch Lacrosse.




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