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Singha Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse

0 - Published February 17, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Lax Nation

A beer company related product is nothing new in lacrosse; from the Heineken Lacrosse Club to Pabst Blue Ribbon lacrosse handles, we’ve seen it all.  And now the company that brought you the “Pabst Shaft”, 1Lacrosse, is bringing a “taste of the Orient” to the lacrosse equipment community. Feast your eyes on the new Singha Beer Lacrosse Handle by 1Lacrosse:

Singha lacrosse shaft


Singha Lax

the Attention to details is a great extra touch.

As to whether or not these handles will be available to the public is another story, but these new shafts will most likely be spotted on a lacrosse field by the Thai players, as Singha Beer and 1Lacrosse are both Development partners of Thailand Lacrosse.  Watch this space for more info about it, but for now just enjoy a great “Coming to America” commercial by Singha Beer:

(Editor’s Note: Was that commercial WAY more appealing than most American TV ads or what?  Our beer commercials make me want to join the WWE and make home crafted Four Loko, this ad just make me thirsty.  Well done, Singha.  Well done.)


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