Show Us Your Old School: Brine Equipment

4 - Published May 11, 2012 by in Equipment, Gloves, Helmets

I’ve been collecting photos of some old school gear for a few months now and after looking through the collection today, I realized almost every piece of gear I’ve photographed was manufactured by Brine Lacrosse!

Some of this dates to WAY back when, and despite the age a lot of it is in pretty great shape.

These are definitely the oldest gloves I've ever put on.

Floating cuff. What's that written on the palm?

When I play with horsehide gloves, I'll only use the Flip Flop model.

Brine Superlight 2+2 head in my favorite color

EXTRA STRENGTH. I'd love 24 Seven Lax to put that to the test.

Some old Brown stuff

I've only seen these on the internet.

Amisco Warrior. Totally rare to see today.

Now what is this thing? Let's look a bit closer...

First "youth stick" with offset? Cool!