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Sand Socks: Better Late Than Never

0 - Published September 14, 2011 by in Custom, Random Stuff

I am disheartened that I have only now discovered this product after summer is all over (along with probably all beach lacrosse tournaments).  Nonetheless, there is always next year.  Vincere Sports has created the Sand Sock!


SAND SOCKS® by Vincere Sports are the next generation in outdoor sportswear. SAND SOCKS® provide performance and protection for today’s beach and water sports athletes. 

- Improve balance and feel, while protecting feet from the elements.

- Neoprene soles protect against heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt.

- Lycra uppers let feet breathe during workouts and keep out sand, mud, and dirt.

I had never heard of beach lacrosse until this year and everything about it sounds amazing.  The scenery, being next to the ocean, a new take on my favorite sport, not to mention all of the off-field festivities to be had at a beach!  The only thing that concerned me was the no shoe policy (a policy for obvious reasons).


The worry is that running bare foot in the sand (although amazing as it squishes between your toes) would slow down the game tremendously.  Not to mention how physically exhausting it must be playing lacrosse, an already athletic sport, on a surface that makes it more difficult to run.

Look Out Woozles - Our First Sand Sock!

And then ENTER the Sand Sock.  I believe that the Sand Sock could be the perfect answer.  It could protect your feet from the heat off of the sand and allow the player to move a bit more naturally.  And, as it is well known, Lacrosse is 90% about Gear anyways – the absence of team socks and cleats on the field detracts from this.  Customizable Team Socks in the future? I think so.

Classic Blacks

Who Wants the Lightning Print?

Like I said (or did I?), I have never played Beach Lacrosse (am dying to give it a try), but I do think that Sand Socks could help improve the game dramatically.

Have experience playing Beach Lacrosse?  Give us some feedback in the Comments section.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to rock lightning bolts all over their feet?

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