Rumor Has It…

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One thing that we can all expect surrounding every pre-season is speculation… lots and lots of it.  Speculation about teams, players, and of course gear (isn’t that why we’re here?!?!).  Recently, there has been a lot of speculation, teasers, and mock up designs on a number of the LAX Network websites. Enough to keep readers occupied until the Spring rolls around, just like the excitement leading up to every Fall or Winter fashion week.

This fall is just like any other fall…

There is excitement around the gear of the newest D1 team: Marquette

Marquette Lacrosse Nike jerseys

Made by fans, truly D1

There have been a lot of “what ifs” in the air, from the LAX Network readers, writers, and dreamers alike.  Interchanging different lacrosse manufacturing companies with different schools for mock ups, which may confuse the heck out of already dazed lax bros, has been a recent trend. Brand new customizer websites from the big four, each trying to upstage one another with real pictures or cool graphics of the gloves has been another notable change.  Either way, the customizers made the fans go LOCO up in here!

Here are just of few designs we’ve seen lately:

Maverik STX Brine Warrior Lacrosse gloves custom mock up design

UNC, Princeton, Oregon, and Florida

Anyway, search the key word: Custom Gloves on Sweet Sweet Lax, Lax All Stars, or 412 and you’ll find an endless number of mocked up gloves… enough to get you through a nuclear winter.

Or better yet, there are also some REAL college gloves (and NLL gloves) from 412:

Brine gloves Duke Bryant Loyola Salisbury

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa....

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of some nice couture gloves, it is worth mentioning these:

"Rocket Pops, so hot right now, Rocket Pops..."

In the fashion world, it’s ALL about “who you know” and here it at LAS, ConnorWilsonLAS and Jeff Brunelle know a lot of people. So it is no surprise when “a little birdy” dropped by to let them know that Pro Athletics (the uber fashion house of lacrosse) is working with Thailand Lacrosse for this upcoming season.

Nouvelles magnifique!!

In case you missed it, Pro Athletics were responsible for these Oregon Ducks designs, which they just did for fun:

Epic (even for a dream)

The Thai gentlemen from the far East are pretty well put together already, so let’s hope that ProAtheltics will do for them what Nike did for Oregon football.  Speaking of football, it never hurts to draw some inspiration from their gear… in this case, the much speculated upon NFL Pro Combat jersey by Nike could be an inspiration and here is what I think Thailand should base their new uniforms off of:

Away, Home, and Alternate jerseys....

If they’re going by these concepts, which I hope they do, it would probably mean 3 different helmets, and at least 2 types of gloves for the Thais in 2011. Cascade, time to get your “A-game” going… there could be a large order coming your way from the boys in Siam!

In one of his recent posts, Connor Wilson made these gloves for Team Thailand:

Ummm.. stripes: Tropic Jungle fever meets Paul Smith

The last time I checked, team Thailand was a Maverik team… Does this mean Connor Wilson knows something we don’t?  Probably not but again, it’s all about who you know! Or maybe it’s nothing more than a fun “what if” (or is it?!?!). In any case, only time will tell, and until then, these are all purely more speculation.


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