warrior lacrosse m80 HS spec dye nyc

Rep Your City: Connor Wilson’s NYC Dye Job

3 - Published July 12, 2012 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech, String Jobs

To kick off the now ongoing Rep Your City Dye Job Contest, I decided to dye up a NYC-themed lacrosse head, hoping that it would inspire people to represent their own City. Judging from the immediate feedback, it worked and we can expect to see some pretty amazing regional dye jobs in the coming weeks and months!

warrior lacrosse m80 HS spec dye nyc

Here is a little additional info on the NYC-themed dye job I did last week:

I used a new HS spec Warrior M80 Head, which I got from Sean Slater of Warrior Lacrosse at the Salt Shakerz Invitational two weeks ago. The head is very thin, and very light, and the lower rails have a nice flex to them. The top rails are actually quite stiff, and this head could be an instant favorite amongst offensive players and face off midfielders. I might even use it for box lacrosse! I was an instant believer.

The sidewall is as cut out and open as possible, the sidewall stringing options are quite numerous due to all the sidewall holes, and the head fits nice and tight onto the shaft. No head rattle here!

The dye is grey up top, and a teal mix at the bottom. The grey is for the Brooklyn Bridge, and the teal mix was the closest thing I could get to the coloring of the Statue of Liberty. I’d say it worked out pretty well.

warrior lacrosse m80 HS spec dye nyc

The red, white and blue Throne Mesh was used for a couple of reasons: 1) I like it a lot as a product. 2) It’s the only piece of mesh I own. 3) Red, White & Blue = USA, and NYC is in the US. 4) The red up top mimics a sunset behind the bridge, and the blue at the bottom mimics the ocean. 5) The RWB tri-color is also the flag for France (sideways) and the Netherlands. France gave us the Statue of Liberty, and the Dutch founded Brooklyn.

The stringing style is clearly Canadian inspired, but that’s just because I like my sticks to throw like that, and it feels as close to traditional as I can get it. For more photos of the head, check out the Contest announcement post!

Check out the Rep Your City Dye Job Contest and get to work! If your entry is selected (and there will be MULTIPLE winners!), you win a Dye Master Tank, and these are 100% legit!!!!

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