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Reebok’s New ATV 19+

0 - Published February 13, 2013 by in Gear, Kicks, Lax Nation

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When I first stumbled upon the new Rebook ATV 19+ I will admit, I was a bit confused.  The shoe is, well, unique to say the least.  Reebok’s goal is to design every thing they make with “technology you can feel,” and if you can’t feel the technology in these bad boys, I don’t know what is wrong with your feet.

The concept behind the shoe is based on the design of an actual ATV.  The monster lugs on the bottom of the shoe are supposed to provide traction like a cleat or lugs but help break through the top layer of whatever surface you are running on to improve grip and feel.  Reebok wanted to design a shoe that would allow you to run on any surface throughout your workout, whether you start out on concrete and end in the woods, or you start on the beach and in on the rocks, this shoe should feel comfortable and provide you traction no matter what.  My question is, would this technology work as a cleat?  Reebok’s video seems to make it seem like it may, so will this be the next big thing in lacrosse footwear?