Reebok Sneakers I MUST HAVE: Swizz Beats

3 - Published November 17, 2010 by in Kicks

Andre Agassi has frozen himself in carbon and undergone Kronaton age reduction therapy.  He will be unfrozen in 2047 and storm through the Pro Tennis Tour.  Knowing that tennis matches in the future will be decided solely by who looks better, Agassi enlisted the help of Reebok and Swizz Beats to create a shoe that is undefeatable.

Ok, the only part of that which is actually true is the part regarding Swizz Beats and Reebok teaming up to create a shoe.  Agassi is not in the picture but I do think the above is a reasonable conclusion to reach after seeing these:

SO sick. Best sneakers ever? Indeed.

Wait, they also come in grey? Super sweet.

Maybe I only like stuff that is WAY out there but these are breathtaking.  Now can Reebok turn these into a lax cleat or what?!?!?!?!  Get cracking boys.

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