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Red Hot Buffs: Colorado’s All Black Two Tone Lacrosse Gloves

4 - Published January 29, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Gloves

Spinal Tap would freaking love these lacrosse gloves!  Why?  Because they could be none more black.  They are as black as it gets, and the Buffs didn’t even offer up an offensive original version!  Last year the RHBs went with Assaults that were a 10 on the black scale. They made 412′s fashion week at the #3 spot.  This year they went to 11.  It’s one more.  We’ve seen all white magnificence.  Now it’s time for the dark side!

There are two blacks on the glove, one is shiny and one is not.  But it’s all amazing.  Well done to Colorado… again!

Colorado Lacrosse Red Hots Buffs STX gloves

Wow. Those are so black! It's like they have their own gravity field.

The logo isn’t black… Well at least not all of it.  That’s commitment.

Colorado Lacrosse Red Hots Buffs STX gloves

Another angle... and just as beautiful.

Big ol’ tip of the hat to the Red Hot Buffsfor sending these over.  They literally made our day.

black leather sofa buttons


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