Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Salt Shakerz

Presented By The Easter Bunny: Warrior Riots-Salt Shakerz Edition

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Editor’s Note:  The Salt Shakerz are coming over to Sweet Sweet Lax to show off their new Riot gloves from Warrior Lacrosse.  Sure, these gloves have been up online already, but no one provides background and insight quite like the source themselves!  Take it away, Shakerz!

A couple weeks ago, we shared the Brine Clutch 2X – Shakerz Edition, and now we’re proud to introduce the Shakerz’ new Warrior Riots.  The Riot glove is a great new offering from Warrior that I think mimics the old school style of gloves that Connor was recently talking about – you know… they have a floating cuff, and they extend higher up the wrist. I had a chance to see the gloves in person this weekend and, as I tried the riots on, I definitely noticed they were tight or “snug” in the hand – it feels different from other gloves, but in a good way.  Not bunched up, but snug.  Also, the gloves are good through the wrist area – meaning the wrist doesn’t become a “choke point” as it does in other gloves.  There’s a good chance that we’re looking at the Shakerz’ glove of the future!


Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Salt Shakerz

The glove itself!

A unique feature of the Riots is the new switch-cuff technology, which will be available on all Riot gloves.  The Cuffs, which are strapped in and attached by a three point velcro attachment system are completely interchangeable, allowing players and teams to drastically change their gloves without incurring the significant cost that would normally accompany such a move.  The attachment system locks the cuffs into the gloves, securing them in place to keep them from falling off easily.  The custom “Lax Often”… and pink breast-cancer-awareness-ribbon adorned cuffs that you see in the pics were done special for the Shakerz.

Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Salt Shakerz

We got cuffs!

What truly makes the Shakerz edition Riots high-end and custom?  A premium “white” golf-glove-leather palm (Cabretta leather).  The leather palm is a premium option that apparently isn’t typically offered in Warrior’s customization program.  Picture the palm in the gloves you’re rockin right now– you’ve prob got half mesh, half faux-leather palm, something like that.  Then imagine premium, supple, Cabretta leather palms.  Nothing else needs to be said.
Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Salt ShakerzWarrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Salt Shakerz

Supple and soft leather palms!

Visualize having that on your palms while your hand sits in what some have described as the tightest fitting (in a good way!) Warrior glove they’ve experienced.  That’s a pretty picture.

The Riots feature two huge vents on the back of the hand that allow the glove to vent/breathe and keep you from overheating.  This is a feature the Salt Shakerz appreciate, because the club plays mainly in the Summer, and often in multiple games per day when at tournaments, so ventilation is certainly a major priority for us.

Right now, the Shakerz edition is extremely limited, but hopefully it will go into production soon.
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For additional information about the club and to learn about future events, please email or find the Shakerz on Facebook; keyword search Salt Shakerz!


Warrior Riot Lacrosse Gloves Salt Shakerz

So many options! More to come? Likely!

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