Paul Rabil’s Red Bull Dye by Stylin Strings

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Editor’s Note: The Guys at SSLax sent over this article on Rabil’s Red Bull head, and we thought it would be cool to show off the most recognizable head in the game, and how it came to be.

At Stylin’ Strings Lax, we strive to push the envelope on creative dye jobs as well as marketing projects. Before we shot our first high end shop video “UNSTRUNG” we planned out 5 featured custom heads. The Lacrosse Dodge head, East Coast Mesh head, our first Stylin’ Strings Lax head, Team USA goalie Head, & of course the featured Red Bull Can Replica to send to Paul Rabil personally. This article is a quick look at the stick popping up in MLL games, photo shoots, and more with Paul.


This angle of the custom Warrior Rabil head shows our modified slogan “Red Bull Gives You Strings” from the original Wings you hear in Red Bull Commercials. The branded logo at the top was one of the most difficult things we have ever pulled off. Plain and simple those colors do not dye over each other.


The side view here shows the clean sidelines of the quadrant with a nice view of his replica pocket. One of our best stringers T-Bird replicated it from pockets he had dug up online of Paul’s personal stick.


The channel and shooting string configuration had to be perfect if the stick had any chance of making it onto the game field.


This top-side angle is a good look at the 2 hockey laces with one nylon shooter.


This creative blurred shot was just us having fun in the studio putting the focus onto the custom ballstop. After receiving the head, Paul loved it, plays with it, Twitter’s it, you name it and now we make most of his personal sticks.


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