Pacific Lutheran University Practice Uniforms

2 - Published January 11, 2013 by in Lax Nation, Threads, Uniforms

The Lutes won’t be hard to spot in these, this season.

Love the text on this side of the unis.

All argyle, all day.

Better look at the shorts. Wish those were reversible too.

Pacific Lutheran University’s (PLU) men’s lacrosse team, an MCLA DII team out of Tacoma, Washington, received a complete practice makeover for the 2013 season.  While the practice uniforms are a huge contrast to PLU’s simple all white or all black game uniforms, I’ll give them some credit for freshening up the field a bit this season.  I played my college ball at PLU and despite not loving argyle on any uniform, I do like the text that the team’s head coach had designed into the jersey.  Will PLU ever wear something like this in a game? I don’t know, but they are definitely fun to look at and I’m sure the team appreciates a much needed new look for the practice field.