Onondaga CC Lacrosse Nike Gloves

Onondaga Community College Lacrosse Gear Explosion

12 - Published April 13, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves, Helmets, Uniforms

Onondaga Community College is THE top team in the NJCAA ranks right now.  They sit at #1 in the polls and the power rankings right now, are odds on favorites to win it all this year, and have won five of the six last JuCo National Championships.  Pretty impressive… and then we get to their gear!

Onondaga CC Lacrosse Nike Gloves

OCC’s mascot is the Lazer.  So they are the OCC Lazers.  The only other school in the country that I can think of with that mascot is LaSell in Massachusetts.  It’s pretty unique, and I’m still not sure WHY it’s their mascot, so if YOU know, fill us in with a comment!

OCC rocks light blue and white, and you may see a tad of Navy in there… but not much!  Two colors and masterful execution makes OCC one of the best looking teams on the planet.

The fact that they have Cascade helmets and Nike everything else doesn’t hurt either!

I LOVE their helmets and have for years.  Those gloves are superb.  The gear bags are beautiful and classic.  But the Nike jacket at the end?  Oh our goodness.  Awesome stuff from OCC!  Thanks to Lincoln Liesemeyer for hooking up the photos, and good luck to the Lazers this weekend as they take on Nassau CC on Long Island!

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