Nike Lacrosse glove Ohio State Vapor Elite

Ohio State Nike Lacrosse Gloves Just Keep Getting Better

1 - Published January 27, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

Is the title referring to Ohio State gloves or Nike gloves?  Honestly, we don’t even know anymore.  All we do know is that these are the best looking gloves that Ohio State has ever had, EVER, and they’re possibly some of the best Nike Vapor Elites to hit the web so far as well.  The colors are perfect, and SCREAM The Ohio State University.  We’re sure all the alums are super jealous.

Nike didn’t come out with a new glove in 2012, and you know what?  GOOD FOR THEM!  The Vapor Elite was, and is, a top of the line glove, and as you can see from their 2012 custom program, they are only scratching the surface with this mitten.  We love seeing new gear as much as anyone, but only when it’s an improvement over what was offered in the past.  A new glove for the sake of a new glove isn’t that convincing, and may hurt both the manufacturer AND the consumer, at least in terms of cost.  So until Nike comes up with a new glove, which is better than the Vapor Elite, we hope they just stick with this one, and keep popping out new custom versions.

The Buckeyes are balling in 2012!

Nike Lacrosse glove Ohio State Vapor Elite

OSU's 2012 Nike gloves.

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