Notre Dame Gold Lacrosse glove pad

Notre Dame Lacrosse Gets The FULL Maverik Treatment

9 - Published January 10, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

When Notre Dame men’s lacrosse showed off their first set of gloves for 2012, Irish faithful got excited. Heck, everyone got excited for the Golden Domers. But wait until you see the rest of the ND lax gear that just dropped… The Fighting Irish have never looked as good as they’ll look  in 2012, and we get the feeling they’re ready to back it up with some more big wins this year too.

Check out these photos while watching the recent Notre Dame Experience video and try not to drool on your keyboard too much.

Notre Dame_monsterbags_lacrosse

Old school Monster bags. Classic and simple. Perfect for ND.


Those are attractive.


Is that a touch of gold on the Arm Guard?

Notre Dame Arm Guard Maverik Lacrosse

Why yes it is. More gold please!


...and THERE it is! So much gold. Love these.


Oh my, those are special golden fleece mittens.

Notre Dame Gold Lacrosse glove pad

What can we say?

goldmember-hand clap

You guessed it.

For a couple more photos, check out Maverik’s Facebook page.