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No Name Jerseys

1 - Published January 30, 2013 by in Apparel, Lax Nation, Threads, Uniforms

The other night the Gonzaga men’s basketball team debuted a fresh new jersey that is unlike anything we have seen in a while.  The first thing you notice about the new jersey is the big logo front and center.  The logo makes the jersey look a bit like a throw back which has been a popular look these past couple of seasons.

Another noticeable feature of the team’s new look is that there is no mention of school name anywhere on the uniform.  Instead of names, the back of the uniform does say Bulldogs, but no Gonzaga anywhere and I love it.  The jerseys make a statement.

To me they say America knows who we are and we don’t need our jerseys to tell them.  I wonder if we’ll see any no name jerseys on the lacrosse field this season.

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