purple chrome nike dye job lacrosse head

Nike Lacrosse Chrome Dye Job – Purple Chrome Edition

7 - Published December 13, 2010 by in Dye Jobs, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Editor’s Note: Welcome Mike Gialanella back to the Lax Network! Mike is known for his amazing marble dye jobs and his love of the game. You’ll be pretty amazed by what he’s come up with over the past couple of days. This time he does up some purple chrome magic for a good friend.

First, I want to give props to the one and only Mr. Coach Peter Tumbas (you already know is tweet tweet handle, right?). He was the first guy I saw do the marble job and even though I figured out the process, he sent me detailed instructions (like any great coach) on how to get it done. He was also the first (to my knowledge) to give the chrome head a dye job.

My buddy @dhall (no, still not DeAngelo Hall) asked me to do something special for him with the @nikelacrosse1 heads we got from the ever so generous @TizzleSTX. Originally, we had a different sort of idea in mind, but D switched it up when he asked for something like this:

Pay attention to the paint job, not the make and model.

He asked that I go purple and put his number on the throat. Before the “you did the stripes backwards!” creeps come out, I checked with him to make sure he was cool with flipping the stripes.

purple chrome nike dye job lacrosse head

Nice lines! Less peeling! Good work!

We both received a Nike Elite 10 and a Nike Legacy. The Elite had better real estate for the numbers on the throat so I went with that. I’m not an artist and I don’t have a steady hand to cut the sheets of stickers like I wanted to so I went with good old electrical tape. Next time I’ll hit up a legit art store versus a craft store for supplies though.

purple chrome nike dye job lacrosse head

More evidence of excellent work.

I think I could have found a very thin roll of tape that would have worked so I didn’t have to try my hand at cutting the thinner lines. What posed to be an issue was getting the tape to stick to the sharp angles and textured surfaces. I used the blow dryer for a few minutes just before I threw it in the dye and I think that helped, but there were still issues.

purple chrome nike dye job lacrosse head

The numbers can be tough but they came out well!

Overall, the bleeding was minimal and the purple looks amazing. Unfortunately, some of the chrome came off the back of the scoop. This was from when I used strips of the sticker sheet I had. It stayed on too well. I redid the lines with tape because it was easier to be consistent with the tape roll width than trying to match up what I already cut. You can see some spots that bled through where there is the textured plastic on the throat. For consistency, I dyed the mesh and strings with the head. I also used one string around the whole head (I’ll do a write up on that another time). I gave it a test run on a shorty and it’s got a nice smooth release to go with the smooth look.

purple chrome nike dye job lacrosse head

This head is SO clean and simple. BEAUTIFUL!

Great job, Mike!  Keep up the good work and keep sending your designs over for the lax world to enjoy!! Bravo!!

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