nike chrome lacrosse head lakota

Nike Chrome Lacrosse Heads Keep On Coming

1 - Published December 14, 2010 by in Equipment, String Jobs

Nike has made a huge push it seems with its new Chrome Lacrosse Heads.  They seem to be everywhere!  412 got one.  @ConnorWilsonLAS got one.  Mike Gialanella got one.  Damian Hall got one.  Adrian Pomilio got one.  Now one of our readers has picked up a chrome head piece so we’ll let Muamer Razic tell you how it went down and what his thoughts are on this new trend.

nike chrome lacrosse head lakota

Blinded by the light is right.

Nike has up-ed their game with their Nike Chrome series.  The Chrome heads are available on their Nike Elite 10, Nike Lakota, and Nike Legacy heads.  The Lakota has plenty of stringing holes, so you bros can make whatever pocket you love to rock.  Not only does it look dope, it’s amazingly light!

Bros, just look at these Chrome heads, not only will you be upping your game but you’ll be looking good while doing it! Everyone that sees this will become jealous of your awesome talents and awesome head!!

Now the cool thing about these heads, besides the fact that their Chrome, is that you can get them in different colors! You can get them in Blue, Red, Silver, Carolina, Gold, Kelly Green, and Orange.

Buying one may burn a little hole in your pocket, but it is so worth it. Thanks to Graph-Tex I got this head for free. (Don’t you love winning contests?) I’ve only had the head for a day and I love it!! I’ve already decided that I’m gonna use it on my game stick.

Graph-Tex is an awesome company.  They can help you out with all your lax needs.  Before lacrosse was the fastest growing sport on two feet, Graph-Tex was designing and selling custom lacrosse products to programs across America. They’ve also got a good sports store where you can get gear for a lot of sports for CHEAP!  And when I say cheap… I mean Cheap Cheap Cheap!!

Graph-Tex can also help your team out with a variety of product selection, they have a great design team, and fast development and shipping!  If your team needs shirts, shorts, pinnies, bags, or whatever, they can help you out! They’ve even got a Player Package that comes with a t-shirt and shorts for $15!!!   So go hit up Graph-tex‘s website and see what they can do for you!!

nike chrome lacrosse head Lakota

I like the dark mesh especially.

nike chrome lacrosse head elite10

So fresh, so clean, so SHINY.

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