new stx goalie head shield

New STX Lacrosse Heads Leaked on Facebook?

3 - Published July 9, 2012 by in Gear, Stick Tech

We were cruising around on Facebook and what did we see? Two NEW Heads from STX getting leaked on the 90% Of Lax Is In The Flowpage! The first head is a goalie head, and it definitely reminds us of the Eclipse, but updated. The second head is supposedly called the STX Hammer U, and it looks a lot like a Stallion, at least at first glance. Thanks to Andrew Dakan for uploading these!

new stx goalie head shield

The “Shield” goalie head.

new stx head hammer u lacrosse

The STX “Hammer U” head.

Want some actual proof that these things are real, and not just new product sketches?

new stx goalie head 2 shield

Does this head have a backwards cant to it?

new stx goalie head 2 shield

And a nice string job to boot!

That should do it for you! At the very least, there is a real prototype of the goalie head out there. Cool to see these new heads already, and it looks like STX’s product offering for 2013 could be as strong as ever! The Hammer U head especially looks like an instant winner!

So what do YOU think? Do you like these new STX products? At least at first glance?