New STX Arm Pads On Hopkins Attack?

0 - Published March 26, 2013 by in Equipment

Wondering what armguards the Hopkins attackmen were wearing this past weekend?


Photo Credit: Craig Chase

They were wearing the beefed up versions of the Cell 2 armguards. The Cell X armguards were designed specifically for box lacrosse, it really isn’t unusual to see Zach Palmer and Brandon Benn wear them since they have a box background but it is unusual to see them go with the stock option:


There is also an adjustable/removable wrist strap on the pads but, evidently, none of the players opted to wear them.

Also noted: Usually we’re used to seeing defense wear the tiny cell elbow pads but here we see Tucker Durkin wear the shadow elbow sleeve.


Check out the full view of the pads over on STX’s Instagram page.

From STX on Instagram

From STX on Instagram

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