New Product Video: Maverik Spider Lacrosse Head

0 - Published December 5, 2011 by in Equipment, Stick Tech
Maverik Lacrosse Spider Head


More and more lacrosse companies have been releasing videos in conjunction with a big piece of news.  Most often the subject matter is a new sponsored player signing, or an inside look at someone within the company, or a new product release.  The most effective videos are relatively short, tell a good story and are full of compelling info and visuals.

Maverik Lacrosse spider head

The Spider head by Maverik. Interesting, huh?

Maverik Lacrosse’s new Spider video definitely hits the mark, and after watching it, I definitely thought to myself, “I could play with one of those.”  If they can convince me in 2 minutes, it’s a good spot.  I certainly love lax, but I’m also a little grizzled and jaded, at least when it comes to ads and new product.  When I first glanced this head, it made me a little worried because of all the thin plastic legs.  But after seeing the video, I’m convinced that Mav did all that on purpose, so I’m much more inclined to try it out.  Like I said, it’s an effective video!

See for yourself:

The head certainly looks cool, and I loved the quick glance into how the design came about.  It was great to see Jovan Miller featured in the ad as I think he has a very bright future on the field in coming years.  Combine that with an open and honest personality, and you could have a guy who the younger players will really love.

We’ll definitely try to get our hands on one of these heads ASAP so we can fill you in with a detailed Review.  Like Jovan, we’ll be 100% open and honest!

More pics from Maverik Lacrosse:

Maverik Lacrosse Spider Head photo

Maverik Lacrosse Spider Head Jovan Miller

Maverik Lacrosse Spider Head t-shirt

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