Michael Solzenberg lacrosse

New Pro Athletics Lacrosse Shorts Benefit Michael Solzenberg Rehabilitative Trust

2 - Published April 4, 2012 by in Apparel, Gear

Pro Athletics has created a new pair of custom lacrosse shorts, and sales go to benefit the Michael Stolzenberg Rehabilitative Trust. Michael lost his limbs in 2008 and new prosthetics are needed as he contiunues to grow, and play lacrosse.  There is also the possibility of a bilateral hand transplant.

Michael Solzenberg lacrosse

Mikey on the field!

On May 12, 2012 the 2nd annual lacrosse tournament named POCKETS&SOCKETS will take place at the Delray Soccer Complex in South Florida, and over 40 lacrosse teams are expected to play.  The entire tournament is set up to benefit the Trust, and this year the tournament will have U9 through HS boys and middle school and HS girls. To register or for further inquiries, email!

If you want to get involved on the gear side of things, and still help out the cause, for a limited time only, you can purchase POCKETS&SOCKETS shorts.


Head on over to Pro Athletics web store to pick up a pair…

For a little more info on Michael Stolzenberg the Pockets&Sockets shorts, and his company’s involvement, we spoke with Chris Serna of Pro Athletics:

How did you guys learn about Mikey?  Why did you decide to get involved in this fundraising effort?

Jennifer Bolger, from Florida Elite Lacrosse, and the event organizer contacted us about becoming a sponsor for the Pockets & Sockets Tournament this May. We have worked with her and Andrew for the last 3 years and their club program. We jumped on board as a Silver Sponsor after learning more about Mikey and watching the video from last year’s tournament.

After speaking with Jennifer and hearing her reasons for helping, it moved us to get further involved. The short fundraiser idea came after we signed on a as sponsor. We thought a short would be a great way to get more people to contribute to his fund and spread awareness every time they are worn on the field.

Where did the design for these shorts come from?

The colors were taken from the tournament logo, the plaid design was something our design team came up with. We wanted something clean and fun for Spring time and think we did a good job with it. Mikey’s name is on the right insert along with his number on the leg.


Definitely clean.

Pro Athletics is still a relatively small company, but philanthropy is clearly part of the mission over there, why go down that route? So many companies just focus on making money. How does charity fit in?

We have been growing at a slow and steady pace the last three years and we are in a position to give back. We did not have to think twice about wanting to help; any player that has gone through what Mikey has and still gets up and straps on the gear is a hero. I admire that kind of courage and I’ve shared his story with all the kids that I coach from 3rd-8th grade. We are all rooting for Mikey!

I hope others will follow.


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