Johns Hopkins nike lacrosse gloves 2011

NEW: Johns Hopkins Nike Lacrosse Gloves

1 - Published January 24, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

We showed you the black and blue STX Lacrosse Assault Gloves late last week.  They look pretty sick.  STX also has pictures of the WHITE Hopkins Assault glove on the STX Facebook page.  The STX gear really does look pretty sweet.  It is clean, close to stock but interesting and not nearly as boring as it could have been.  For a team like Hopkins, whose very existence and continued success is based off of their tradition (ok, also a whole lot of hard work!), it makes sense to not go TOO crazy, even if I want to see them do it.

Tumbas has been pushing me to get my fangs back but this year I think I’m going to base my comments on gear depending on WHO is going to use it.  For a team like the Hop, the below gloves are really quite snazzy.  And I like the effort.  The Nike gloves might be the prettiest gloves I’ve seen in a while (just wait til you see Cuse!) now if I could only try them out… send me a pair to review, @NikeLacrosse!!  Our readers deserve to know!  But for now, thanks a lot for the pictures and well done with the glove design!!!

Johns Hopkins nike lacrosse gloves 2011

Black and Blue. Nike/Hopkins style...

johns hopkins lacrosse gloves nike 2011

Usually I don't love white gloves. These are special.

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