New Gear! New Lacrosse Companies! So Many Exclamation Marks!

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After checking out some of the other Lacrosse Blogs, I found a series of posts regarding new companies, new gear, and other random links.  Nonetheless, none of this gear has been used/tested by the Laxallstars staff… or by anyone else as far as we can tell,  so, until then, we will have to rely on “the Others”.  Who else is reading Game of Thrones?

So to Easton, Under Armour and Dragon Fly, we are definitely ready to test out the goods (that is, if you think you’re ready!)!

Until then, here are what others are saying.  Doug Appleton (Easton Lacrosse GM) – If you see this, I did help you find those sick Leather Bacharach/ Rasin Gloves…. and now I just want to check out a pair of YOUR gloves!  It’s only fair.  Haha.  Having a sense of humor is key.

Easton unveils their new shoulder pads.  How sleek are these?  Wow.  I don’t wear shoulder pads now that I’m in Men’s league (why this phenomenon, who knows but “everybody’s doing it – right?) but I may consider wearing these.  Basically a jazzed up liner, right?  We won’t know til we try it out ourselves, but it LOOKS sweet. And that’s at least 10% of the battle.

So Stealthy!

Easton ALSO officially unveils their gloves.  They look fairly basic, but in their “basic-ness” I think they are Sweet Sweet.  Retail at $140.  They look like they go a little higher up the wrist, like a hockey glove, which could be awesome, but again, we can’t say much ’til we try ‘em out!


Under Armour finally puts out some photos of one of their new Heads.  I am definitely interested to hear some new developments on the Nike/ Under Armour situation.  Strong resemblance look-wise to some Gait products, but from the one photo, it looks decent.


Batman is the best superhero series to come out recently.   No idea what I’m talking about?  Well, here is a sick dye job on that theme.

Best Movies Ever

New Shaft Technology.  Connor spoke about the STX flex shaft yesterday.  Here is another bendy shaft.  Seems to be the new direction.

Bendy Bendy Bendy

Definitely some of the best skyline decals in the game.  No knock on Dominican’s golden gate skyline, but this is arguably the most recognizable skyline possible.

St. Johns lacrosse backpanel 9-11 never forget

Never Forget.

Thanks to Lacrosse Playground and Inside Lacrosse.  Both blogs are definitely killing it on the gear photos front.  We’d like to see more actual reviews (because Press Releases usually aren’t very helpful), but until we get this stuff in our hands, we’re hindered on what we can report back to the SLL nation.  Please make sure to follow the links and check out their write ups and see if you agree!

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