New and improved. Must be nice.

New Duke Locker Room

1 - Published December 7, 2011 by in Equipment, Lax Nation, Random Stuff, Uniforms

Just when you thought Duke Lacrosse had it all–a national championship, state of the art facilities…wild parties–they up the ante one more time proving that they have one of the best support systems in the game.

Here is a bit of information from Duke about the new locker room:

“It is through the extreme generosity of Martin and Pamela Wygod that we were able to renovate the men’s locker room,” head coach John Danowski said. “It’s really been inspired by all of the men who have come before. Our program began in 1938 and there are so many people, too numerous to mention, who have helped build the memories and the foundation of this locker room. While the guys this year and going forward will benefit from the gift of the Wygods, we hope that everybody can share in what we think is a really excellent facility that represents the dignity, the class, the character and the integrity that is Duke lacrosse.”

New and improved. Must be nice.

The new locker room features seven-foot wooden lockers built specifically for a lacrosse player. There is room for up to three helmets on the top shelf, holes for three sticks, lower shelves for up to four pairs of shoes. There is also an opening inside the locker that will allow the players to store extra gear such as sweat pants and sweat shirts and a combination locker for any valuables a player might have. The lockers also will have name plates for each of the players.

Secret storage and 3 stick holders!

The fully completed locker room will be branded throughout with Duke logos in the carpet on the walls and outside the locker room as well. There is upgraded lighting throughout with track lighting, spot lights that will shine on the logo and new overhead lighting. The most audible difference in the locker room is the updated sound system with a subwoofer and new speakers along the ceiling that allow the players to relax after a long practice or gear up for a big game. Televisions are on the walls at each end of the locker room with DIRECTV available for down time.

To see more photos, visit Duke’s website!