Kyle Hartzell Mac Daddy 4 glove warrior

NEW Custom MLL Warrior And Brine Gloves

2 - Published June 26, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

Brine is releasing the new King IV gloves and Warrior is releasing the new Mac Daddy 4 gloves, and instead of offering up stock options first, like most companies do, Warrior and Brine are showing off the creme de la creme right from the get go: custom gloves for their sponsored MLL players.

We got a hold of Ned Crotty and Kevin Buchanan’s King IV gloves, and Kyle Hartzell and Matt Danowski’s Mac Daddy 4 gloves, and man oh man are these mittens special looking!

Ned Crotty King IV lacrosse glove

Buchanan King Iv lacrosse glove brine

Both the King and Mac Daddy glove lines are extremely popular, and somehow, both gloves actually look BETTER than they did last time. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. Maybe it’s just the custom talking, but they’re sweet.

Danowski custom lacrosse glove mll


Kyle Hartzell Mac Daddy 4 glove warrior

Now if the gloves PERFORM as well as their predecessor models, we could definitely see even more teams rock these two styles of glove next year. From a looks stand point alone, I’m sold so far.

So who got the best gloves from Warrior and Brine so far? I like Crotty’s almost all GOLD numbers, especially the red fingers. Very nice. Does Dino’s dog bone put his ahead however? That’s pretty custom.

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