Nike CEO Lacrosse head

NEW: CEO Head From Nike Lacrosse

14 - Published April 21, 2011 by in Equipment, Stick Tech

The CEO head, by Nike Lacrosse, will be available for purchase in May, and while most new heads are “just another head”, these bad boys are something a little different.  Nike has specifically gone out and stated that this head is intended for attackmen and offensive middies.  It’s not for a longpole, d-middie, fogo, or LSM.  It’s for the offensive guys, and the offensive guys only.  See me dye it up on LAS!

Nike CEO Lacrosse head

Nice keyhole shape.

You may ask, how can a stick be intended only for offensive players when all that matters is whether or not a stick is legal and whether or not it is functional?  Good question.  And as usual, it seems like the answer is already in the question.

Nike CEO Lacrosse head

Another angle of the head.

The CEO is VERY light.  And it is very stiff as well.  And for a college legal head, it is as pinched as they come.  There are HS heads that have narrower throats, but the CEO is as narrow up top as it possibly can be for NFHS standards. And yes, it is still legal for both HS and NCAA lacrosse, which is nice.

Nike CEO Lacrosse head

So many stringing options on the sidewall!

And yes, light, stiff, pinched and a million sidewall holes make this the ideal head for an offensive player.  Unlike the Warrior Blade, which was originally marketed as an offensive player’s stick before it became a FoGo’s dream, the Nike CEO holds its shape nicely.  The plastic doesn’t flex that much and I get the impression that if I flexed it too much, the head might snap.  This is the opposite from the Blade, and tells you exactly why the Blade never worked as an O player’s head.

Nike CEO Lacrosse head

Backside view.

There are probably defenders and d-middies out there who are saying to themselves, “light, stiff and pinched sounds good to me too!” and I’m not going to tell them they’re wrong, but this still might not be the stick for them.  The reason is that by making this head so light, they pared away as much plastic as they could, and the result of this is a head that might not be able to withstand the beating a fogo or Dman can put it through.  Think about it, even if the head doesn’t break, it may warp a little bit over time due to all the abuse and then you’re playing with an illegal stick.

The fact is, O middies and attackmen don’t put the heads they use under quite the same physical duress that Fogos, D-Mids and Long Poles do.  It’s why we call them skill players!  And it’s why this head is designed specifically for them.

The head’s MSRP is going to be right around $85, which is pretty standard for top of the line offensive heads these days.  It’s as light as an old Blade, as stiff as the other top O player heads I have and it’s nice and narrow, while still being NCAA legal.

Nike sent the head over (with some mesh!) for us to check out and we’re glad they did!  They really impressed me by targeting the head to a certain type of player.  Sure, this might mean less heads will be sold overall, but I also think it means that the players that do buy this head will be very happy with it.

The Nike CEO Head gets a VERY solid 8.5 out of 10 on the LAS scale!  Well done, Nike.  Making waves in the lax world for sure!

Nike CEO Lacrosse head

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