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NEW Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet

7 - Published December 16, 2010 by in Equipment, Helmets

Cascade Sports has recently released their new M11 Hockey Helmet.  They teamed up with Marc Messier, of NHL and multiple Stanley Cups fame, to create the helmet and although I haven’t tried one on, it’s Cascade Sports, so you know it’s going to be comfortable.  The inside of the helmet looks a lot more like the inside of a lacrosse helmet.  This means better comfort and better protection.

Cascade Sports will obviously want to push this as a hockey helmet first.  After all, that market is much bigger than the box lacrosse helmet market but I honestly think this could be the best box helmet out there and I haven’t even tried it!  Hockey helmets just aren’t designed to take the same abuse that a lacrosse helmet is.  Much like a lacrosse helmet is not a football helmet.  It’s not a knock, it’s just the truth.  But this could work for box lacrosse like none other.  Excitement levels are sky high right now.

cascade M11 hockey helmet box lacrosse

Nice front view! I like this helmet!

The air vent front and side panels can be one of 15 colors and so can the body of the helmet.  Cascade is the king of custom helmets so this was no surprise and I’d love to see them offer two different colored main shell components next year.  Two tone helmets are pretty sweet.

cascade M11 hockey helmet box lacrosse2

proflle shot. Perfection.

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