More Ocean City Lacrosse Uniforms

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Ocean City is going DOWN this weekend, and everyone and their mother is playing lacrosse, taking in a little sun, and hitting up the wading pool bat at Seacrets. That place terrifies us.


Shh… Seacrets.

Ok, enough of that. Let’s check out the uniforms some of the squads are rocking down in OC!

We’ve already seen the Salt Shakerz pink and green turf inspired super custom uniforms from Pro Athletics, and those guys definitely set the bar pretty darn high. But some other squads out there put forth solid efforts as well, and you’ll definitely want to check them out!

First up is the Long Island Squids, a men’s club team from New York:

Here is the gear we will have down in Ocean City. The socks, shooter and shorts are the same ones that we used this Summer in the Salt Shakerz and Greenport tournaments. Because you have to look good off the field down in Ocean City too, we have a few more additions for our apparel… Customs fitted hats, polos, and a performance tee. We do all the gear in house (sublimation, embroidery, and printing) and it really came out great!


Squids get a closet full of new gear for OC.

String It Up also did some uniforms for a team of St. Anthony’s alumni and their friends for Greenport, and these uniforms definitely had a very personal feel to them. The shooter honors Adam Pomper, who passed away earlier this year. He was part of the Loyola Championship team and a St. Anthony’s Alumni. Team manager, Tom Maloney had the idea of putting something on their uniforms in his memory.


Just a little yellow in there. St. A’s pride!

And then we get to LacrosseWear’s offering for Ocean City, and it’s impressive. Last year, Illadelph went with Quint Kessenich themed uniforms, so everyone wanted to see what they’d do in 2012. Illadelph went for sneakiness this time, and it looks like they are trying to blend in with the Zebras.

Illadelph lacrosse 2012

I see what you did there.

Illadelph lacrosse 2012

Three digit numbers complete the look.

Certainly creative! Other teams decided to get their camouflage on as well… but they are going as baseball players.


Go baseball?

And of course, we can’t forget our boys over at 24 Seven Lax! They’re playing for the Blarney LC, and they’re rocking a sweet tent, also courtesy of Lacrossewear.


A very important pick up.

Maybe Ocean City will take it easy on the old guys? Probably not.

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