UNC Nike Lacrosse Away gloves 2011 Nike Vapor lax

More New Nike Vapor Lacrosse Gloves: UNC and Cornell

4 - Published January 31, 2011 by in Custom, Equipment, Gloves

The Nike train keeps rolling!  Cornell and UNC lacrosse gloves recently dropped out of the new Nike Vapor mold and much like Syracuse and Hopkins, the Nike gloves look fantastic.  Our boys over at Nike Lacrosse sent over these pics, so make sure you follow them in the Twittleverse.  UNC got the super special treatment with the home and away gloves.  Both are pretty sharp and I like how the home gloves stick with the white and Carolina Blue theme as much as possible.  The away gloves are pretty nice too and while I don’t love the Navy (stick with Carolina and White!  It’s epic!), these gloves look super.  Cornell’s gloves look better than their STX cousins, but I’d really love to see the Big Red do just that: get some BIG RED gloves.  Enough with the white.  Embrace your name, Cornell!!  I need to try a pair of these on and see what the feel is really like, but the Nike Vapor gloves are deadly gorgeous most of the time, even with all my nitpicking.

UNC’s Home and then Away Mittens:

UNC Nike Lacrosse Home gloves 2011 Nike Vapor lax

The home gloves. Similar to Hopkins. Still pretty. BLACK Swoosh. D'oh.

UNC Nike Lacrosse Away gloves 2011 Nike Vapor lax

The away gloves. Special sauce included.

Cornell’s New Nike Gloves:

Cornell Nike Lacrosse gloves 2011 Nike Vapor lax

Red and white. Would like more Red. Big Red. Big Red Bear.

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