Let's get in for a closer look...

Mikey Powell’s LXM Pro Helmet Visor

7 - Published June 3, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Gear, Helmets, Threads, Uniforms

Anyone else catch this bit of footage around 39:30 on The Lacrosse Network‘s live stream of the LXM Pro 949 game?

Is this the same Oakley visor Casey Powell used in Hawaii?

We’ve seen this visor before from Casey Powell in Hawaii/Vail/MLL a few years back, and it was rumored it was made by Oakley, but I wasn’t aware it still fits in Cascade helmets. I tried to shove one in my Pro7 a while back to no avail. Maybe the CPX-Rs can host this fresh new eye-/head-wear like the CPXs did?

Let’s have my associate narrow in on this image for us…

Let's get in for a closer look...

Is this the same one? Does that make it a hand-me-down?

It does look like Oakley created this thing, but we can’t say for sure. To check out the product I think they’re using, visit the Oakley Store’s website.

Once you’ve looked at the product, figure out how they get those huge tabs on the top inside of their helmet? Any bright ideas? Comment below!

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