Armour39 by UA

Meet Under Armour’s Version of the Nike FuelBand

0 - Published February 15, 2013 by in Gear

Almost as if Under Armour was planning their release plugs around the Gear Showcase I did, not long after the one on the Nike FuelBand published, I was surfing the web and came across Under Armour’s own version of the FuelBand, set to come out in Spring 2013 – called Armour39. I was immediately brought back to the 2012 NFL Combine gear that Under Armour showcased on a few of the athletes.

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The shirt featured sensors that had an accelerometer, heart and breathing monitors, a processor and two gigabytes of storage, all packed in a nice little yellow package. They called it the E39 shirt back then and it was made from their trademark UA compression gear. The NFL used this to collect and share information on prospects as they trained and tested through the Combine.

Now, YOU can get your own version of the technology.

Under Armour has officially launched their presale of the Armour39. They market it as the “first of its kind performance monitoring system for athletes” that tracks your “heart rate, calories burned, real-time intensity, and WILLpower”. If you are looking for a comparison, the Nike FuelBand tracks your calories burned, intensity, and Fuel points.

There are two main things that make the Armou39 system different from the Nike version. First, we know that Under Armour has the bonus of monitoring your heart rate as well. Second is WILLpower, from their site, WILLpower is…

The first true measure of an athlete. WILLpower boils your workout down to a single score (0.0-10.0) to tell you how hard you worked. It’s based on an algorithm tracked by the Armour39 that combines how long you workout, what you did, profile info like gender and weight, and key heart rate measures.

That’s pretty advanced!

The most surprising thing about that video is that it only has 15k views. Definitely still new to the market at this point.

Here are a couple pics we borrowed from the Under Armour website to help you get a better look at their newest fitness technology.

Armour39 by UA

Armour39 by UA

Armour39 by UA

The technology is mainly centered around the Armour39 chest strap, which is probably the reason it is able to measure your heart rate as well. There is an app in the works, that will allow you to see your stats in real-time on your phone. I’m excited to see the Armour39 system come out.

While we all know there are already a bunch of fitness tracking systems, it’s always great to see a new one come out that pushes the envelope and makes it even more user friendly for us common folk. Whatever it takes to motivate you, right?!

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