Long Island Lizards HeadWrapz Lacrosse Helmet

Major League Lacrosse HeadWrapz Hit The Shelves

2 - Published February 22, 2012 by in Custom, Equipment, Helmets

The MLL recently announced that they have signed a merchandise licensing agreement with HeadWrapz to produce retail helmet wrap products for each and every MLL team (all 8 of them!).

Each of the MLL HeadWrapz are on sale now at HeadWrapz website, where they’ll be available for MLL fans throughout 2012.

While these exact HeadWrapz won’t be worn by the teams on the field, they give fans a great way to show off their allegiances during pick-up games, summer ball, on their mantal, etc. Our read on the situation is that Major League Lacrosse could consider using the HeadWrapz on team helmets in the future, but wanted to test the relationship out first in this manner. That’s a total shot in the dark though.

Building a formal relationship between a professional sports league and a company takes time, and this looks like a very positive step forward for HeadWrapz in terms of being an official MLL on-field gear supplier somewhere down the line. We don’t know that either group (HW or the MLL) is working towards this, but we’d love to see it happen… especially for the goalies!

Could you imagine having each team’s goalie decked out in a custom HeadWrapz?… it would be like the NHL!  OR each team’s leading scorer could wear a HW helmet… it would be like the golden helmet in Euro hockey.  Full team wraps could also work in a major way. All ideas have potential!

Our favorites right now are the Long Island Lizards and the Ohio Machine HeadWrapz.

Long Island Lizards HeadWrapz Lacrosse Helmet

Love it. Super spicy.

Long Island Lizards HeadWrapz Lacrosse Helmet

The full Lizard.

The Lizards HeadWrapz look professional and ready to rock on the field.  If any team should go with the current design, it HAS to LI.  That helmet is professional perfection in our book!  There are two more views of the LI helmets at the bottom of the post. The Hamilton National lid is also pretty perfect.

Hamilton Nationals HeadWrapz Lacrosse helmet

Also extremely professional.

The Ohio Machine HeadWrapz is just about as striking as I’ll ever be! Yes, it’s just as handsome as me. The logos look better on that helmet than I’ve seen them look anywhere else.

We got a little inside info on the Ohio Machine helmet, and it goes like this:

It has metallic silver ink – which looks insane in the sunlight. Also, the logo on the left side of the helmet is referred to as the “Machine Man” logo. It’s a fun logo that the MLL is only using for merchandise. It will not be found on their uniformss or helmets, etc.  The other side of the helmet has the “State/gear” logo, which is their new secondary logo, and it should be widely used along with the normal OHIO MACHINE logo.

Yeah, it’s striking. A great looking lacrosse helmet for sure.

Ohio Machine HeadWrapz lacrosse helmet

That's just fantastic.

Ohio Machine HeadWrapz lacrosse helmet

Love that logo more and more.

Ohio Machine HeadWrapz lacrosse helmet


To see the rest of the MLL HeadWrapz, check out the HeadWrapz website!

Ohio Machine MLL Head Wrapz

Beauty of a back panel.

Long Island Lizards HeadWrapz helmet

This side goes with tradition! Another reason LI is our favorite.

Long Island Lizards HeadWrapz helmet

More great Logo placement.

To see a Pro team that is ALREADY rocking HeadWrapz in games, look no further than the NLL’s Colorado Mammoth!

What do you think of these MLL HeadWrapz? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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