Magerk's Ocean City lAcrosse AWD

Magerk’s Lacrosse Ocean City Uniforms

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When we get an email like this, it’s hard to not share it, and the wonderful uniforms pictures we were also sent.  It’s simple, eloquent, and honest.  And the uniforms aren’t too shabby either!  Love the stripes and the tank top is literally to die for.  AWD did a great job with the kits and we know Magerk’s will be rocking it, on and off the field, this weekend in Ocean City!

Magerk's Lacrosse Ocean City Uniforms AWD

Love that logo!


I thought you guys would love to check out what threads one of the best team in OC will be rolling with this weekend. AWD (athletic wear direct) created these swagtastic uniforms for us and I thought you guys would appreciate them. We went with shorts, shirt, and of course a solid tank top to wear to the beach bar in-between games, or in the game if you wish.
AWD is the ultimate custom company when it comes to uniforms.  Why do I say that?  They literally asked us what dimensions we wanted for everything and then they cut the shorts, jerseys, and tanks from complete scratch! Nobody does that these days and that’s why we chose AWD. We would be honored if you can share these uniforms with the world!
Keep up the good work LAS,
Greg Furshman
Honestly Greg, it was our pleasure!

Magerk's Ocean City lAcrosse AWD

The shorts! Sweet!

Magerk's Ocean City lAcrosse AWD

The back of the jerseys! Sweetness.

Magerk's Ocean City lAcrosse AWD

A little close up of the whale. Why not?!?!

Magerk's Ocean City lAcrosse AWDMagerk's Ocean City lAcrosse AWD

The whole set up! Looks classy and a little flashy. Love it Magerk's!

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