The Easton Raptor in action!

Low Pie In Hawaii

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LAS spotting in Hawaii!

The 21st Annual Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational was simply a lacrosse spectacle. Between the picturesque venue, the mammoth lacrosse personalities, and the enthusiastic international participation, this Waikiki tournament was a complete sensory overload for a gearhog like myself. Everyone came very well equipped and so did LAS. Here are some of the uniforms from the best tournament on earth.

Gary Gait played for both Wimmer and Wimmer Masters. He's still got it.

Dirty Lacrosse featured some of the most talented players I've ever shared a field with

As is tradition with many tournaments with international competition, there was a lot of gear-swapping going around. I was persuaded to trade my Barbary Coast uniform seen below…

Barbary Coast

For all this Canadian stuff…

Minto Cup Indoor Championships

Canadian Masters team

Canadian Masters shorts


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