StrikerDanger Los Banditos mabll uniforms box lax lacrosse

Los Banditos Lacrosse Uniforms By Striker Danger

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Viva Los Banditos Americanos!  That nonsensical chorus can oft be heard coming the Los Banditos bench, along with more garbled Spanglish, so while one can question their fluency, no one can question their taste and style.  The Banditos dropped these uniforms on us and we love them.  I mean why wouldn’t we?  Kyle Mays over Striker Danger went all out and the SD fellas spared no detail.  Feast your eyes on ridiculous uniform perfection, and slobber.

StrikerDanger Los Banditos mabll uniforms box lax lacrosse

The full get up!

Los Banditos will wear these uniforms in the MABLL (see below for more info), which is a box lacrosse league in the DC area.  We’re working on some in-game photos (expected this weekend) and a matching dye job by Matt Hickman, who dyes with the absolute best of them.  If you want to stay abreast of ALL Los Banditos Lacrosse News, make sure you check out their facebook page!

StrikerDanger Los Banditos mabll uniforms box lax lacrosse

Love the back. And the table cloth shirt pattern.

StrikerDanger Los Banditos mabll uniforms box lax lacrosse

Your gun is digging into my hip!

About Los Banditos Lacrosse

The Banditos Lacrosse team is based out of the DC Metro area. Known for their rowdiness, unsportmanlike behavior, post goal dancing, and nonsensical Spanish during games, the Banditos epitomize what it means to play hard and have fun. They are often considered the greatest team of all time.

About StrikerDanger

StrikerDanger is a wholesaler, retailer, and custom uniform designer of lacrosse apparel. This unique clothing brand has diversified the lacrosse environment through its one-of-a-kind designs, philosophy, and approach.

StrikerDanger’s high caliber designs are produced through the dye sublimation process, which fuses the design and fabric together. This method results in a seamless product with no possibility for the design to fade, peel, or bleed. StrikerDanger’s designs are truly unmatched in quality, versatility, and aesthetics. Currently, StrikerDanger has 30 plus short designs: Top Cheez, Rip the Duck, Sushi Bang; and One Man Wolf Pack. The designs’ inspirations come from the cultural influences of skating/snowboarding, hip-hop (new and old), comics, vintage cartoons and movies and the 80s.

The aim of StrikerDanger is to change the persona of lacrosse by providing the consumer with flashy, brightly colored clothing suited for both on and off the field wear, emphasizing individuality and self-expression.

About the Metro Area Box Lacrosse League (MABLL)

The Metro Area Box Lacrosse League (MABLL) is based in the Washington, DC area. The league runs each year from May – February and is considered the largest box lacrosse league in the USA and the most competitive off-season league in the DC area.

Games are played at The BOX in Chantilly, Virginia (near Dulles airport) and game days have traditionally been Saturday mornings.

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