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One of the reasons I love lacrosse is that the sport is still so grassroots.  Most players aren’t getting rich as a professional and nearly every person who steps on a field is doing it for the pure love of the game.  That love for the game has led a number of current and former players to launch unique partnerships, programs, and even companies that are contributing to both growing the game and making the world a better place.  I’m always amazed by how willing lacrosse players are to get involved to help bring our sport to new communities all over the country and the world and I wanted to highlight a few of those companies as we gear up for the 2013 lacrosse season.

Boom Town Shred Stick

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Boom Town Lacrosse is a camp, clinic and tournament association founded by two of lacrosse’s most notable personalities, Con Bro Chill – Connor Martin and Dillon Roy.  Boom Town is seeks to grow the game by making learning and playing the sport fun and comfortable.  Last season, Boom Town launched their 1-for-1 program with the release of one of the sport’s most stylish lacrosse shaft, the Boom Town Shred Stick.  The 1-for-1 program is similar to the Tom Shoes model where each time a player purchases a Shred Stick, Boom Town gives away a complete starter stick to an underprivileged lacrosse player.  If you need a new stick this season you should definitely consider picking up a Shred Stick and supporting Boom Town as they bring lacrosse to underprivileged communities throughout the states.

Pro Athletics We Can Rebuild Hot Bed Shorts 

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Pro Athletics has quickly become a big name in lacrosse uniforms and apparel.  Shortly after Hurricane Sandy tragically ripped through the north eastern United States, an area that is synonymous with lacrosse’s best programs and players, Pro Athletics announced that all of the proceeds from their Hot Beds – New Jersey and Hot Beds – New York shorts will go to the American Red Cross for the victims of the disaster.  In addition to releasing some incredibly stylish Hot Bed shorts, Pro is using their position in the lacrosse world to really make a difference.  Whether you want to look good in some new shorts or you simply want to help the victims of the hurricane, you can pick up your pair here.

Headstrong Foundation

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The HEADstong Foundation is committed to advocating, fundraising, and supporting those affected by blood cancer and the people who are working towards finding a way to eliminate it.  In addition to advocating and supporting organizations that are working to put an end to blood cancer, HEADstrong sells a huge assortment of lacrosse gear and apparel from custom Warrior shafts to custom chinstraps, unique shorts to custom stringing kits.  Proceeds from every purchase go to supporting their mission.  Check out all of the HEADstrong gear here.

Encore’s Charitable Philosophy

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Johnny Christmas is doing big things both on and off the lacrosse field.  Through his Encore Brand project, Christmas has committed to giving a certain percentage of all of the company’s proceeds to lacrosse charities like Fields of Growth and L.E.A.P.S  that he works with.  While this is an incredible commitment, the coolest part about Christmas’ brand is that if you don’t want your donation to go to one of the groups he is working with or you’re more passionate about a different charity, you can actually choose where the money goes.  Christmas believes that it is important to be aware of more than just what’s immediately affecting you right now and his business model reflects that.

Lacrosse the Nations Tees

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Lacrosse the Nations, an organization founded by Brad Corrigan and Brett Hughes, seeks to “unify the lacrosse community to sustainably improve education and health while creating hope and opportunity for children in need.”  Brad and Brett have taken their passion for lacrosse and their appreciation for the sports ability to create community and opportunity and created an organization that is helping people all over the world.  A Lacrosse the Nations T-shirt is a great buy for practice or to hang out in, check all of their shirts out here.

Do you know of another lacrosse charity worth supporting?  Drop us a line and we’ll feature them in a future post.


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