Virginia Locker room

Locker Room Necessity: The Speakr Box

0 - Published February 8, 2011 by in Random Stuff

Virginia Locker room

Every lacrosse player loves music.

Every lacrosse player has a favorite song.

Every lacrosse team should have a team song.

Every lacrosse team should have a pregame warm up mix.

Every lacrosse team should have a portable speaker system for home and away games.

Am I right? Yes, I’m always right – especially about things that are made of plywood. If you’re in need of a portable speaker with easy plug-n-play capabilities, look no further than the Speakr Box.

Speakr Box

No power cords, just straight acoustic sound.

Product Details:

Speakr Box is a portable wooden speaker made from Australian hoop pine plywood. No batteries or power source needed. Works with mp3 players, iPods, phones, laptops and more.

Great for bedrooms, desks and picnics at parks. (Editor’s note: And Locker Rooms!)

Cost: $80 US

On sale now from Generate.

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