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Lions, Tigers, And Lacrosse Pandas?

3 - Published February 14, 2011 by in Equipment, Promotions

Editor’s note: Muamer Razic stops by to deliver a quick Q&A he did with the new online gear store, Heyyyy Panda, welcome to LAS!

Is it just me or are animals being associated with lacrosse more and more?

Have you been looking to get your hands on some good equipment, without burning a hole in your pocket? Check out They’ve got some great stuff and it’s not crazy expensive! They’ve also got a reward system that helps you get even better deals!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a panda laxing it up?

Lacrosse Panda online store

Here are some things that their representative, Chatchai Sirsuth, wanted the Lax All Stars readers to know!

What would you like the LAS readers to know about the site? is a retail website of lacrosse goods. The two big pillars that we support ourselves on is having the newest lacrosse gear at the lowest price possible and having amazing deals on the other stuff all the time. We are adding more and more products everyday! The reason why we chose the Panda as our mascot was because Pandas are so awesome yet nobody really reps them in the sports world. Pandas have really good pop culture appeal and we hope to ride that wave of momentum.

Some of the cool features/things we have going on our site:

– Our Rewards program: Every 50 points you earn (via making purchases), you get $1 off your future purchases
– Free Shipping for 2011 if you spend over $100 one time
– Cool contests and promotions such as our STX $500 Shopping Spree contest and our Warrior Live The Panda Life contest
– Our Product videos: we are making more and more everyday with our spiffy new HD camera…we aim to get our customers the best views of the products so they make the right product choice

How did it come about? came about because we were really frustrated with the online retailers out there. Prices were ridiculous and it seemed like they just threw a bunch of products up there thinking that costumer is going to know what to look for. We aim to be as customer oriented as possible. For example, on our head pages, we measure every single head for width, length and weight so the consumer will know exactly what we are buying. In fewer words…lower prices and more customer service.

What are your hopes for it? What is it’s goal?

Our #1 goal is to always keep spreading the game of lacrosse and most importantly make it affordable as much as possible to anybody. In the coming months, we are going to be rolling out some ridiculously amazing deals, some fun contests to get people excited about lacrosse and to integrate our site with cutting edge e-commerce technology.

One more thing! Here’s more detail on the contests mentioned above!

1. Live the Panda Life Contest sponsored by Warrior: We are giving away a FULL lax wardrobe to one laxer. This includes EVERYTHING from custom TII Helmet to Hound Dog Shoes and Warrior Diamond Shaft. The winner is announced Feb 15th.

2. $500 STX Shopping Spree: We are picking one lucky laxer to get hooked up with $500 that they can spend on STX Lacrosse Gear…thats A LOT of lax gear they can get.

Lacrosse Panda


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