Legal Traditional Lacrosse Sticks: College Vs High School

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I’ve seen a lot of current college players’ 2013 string jobs, and it seems like most guys are still opting to use mesh in their sticks, just with less shooters. Some guys are only using one or two shooters, and some guys, like ZP on Hopkins, are using a single piece of nylon.

One thing I haven’t seen a ton of yet is traditional, and I wonder if this will change in the Spring.

We’ve illustrated the differences between 2012 legal mesh sticks and 2013 legal mesh sticks quite a bit, and since it is the pocket style most choose, we’ll continue to talk about it. But I also want to give you a look at the differences between what used to be legal, and what is now legal, for the traditional heads out there… There is a notable difference!


2012 and HS legal on the left, College 2013 legal on the right.

The first thing everyone notices is how high the shooters have to be now. It’s true for mesh and it’s true for traditional. And it adds a new wrinkle to stringing for everyone.

The key for the 2013 College Legal head is to pull the side leathers down tightly. This creates a tighter channel, and helps to offset the wider head required in the college game. The high school head does not need to be quite as channeled, in part due to the slimmer profile of the head, but also because shooting strings can extend lower down the pocket.


They still throw and function pretty similarly!

To best note the differences, a 3D look really helps. Check out a short rotational video of each string job to better note the differences:

As you can see on the black Easton head, the side leathers can really be pulled down tight. This results in great hold, and the added bonus of really being able to feel the ball when it is in the stick.

Both sticks throw and hold the ball similarly, and the difference is not huge between the two. When the Spring rolls around, I wonder if any of the 2012 College All Traditional Team members will be back and using traditional? Or is it all mesh, all the time?

If your college program is interested in taking the traditional route, we’ve got you covered. See the below, hit up Greg Rose of Rose School of Stringing and get your players educated!

Hindrance or Opportunity? GREAT point right there!

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