The first application. I was nervous.

LaxWax, Chapstick for your Stick

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It’s no secret that my gamer is disgusting. There are days I use my backup just because I’m having one of those “that sidewall’s gonna snap today, I know it” days. It’s become pinched to the point it looks like a box head, the mesh is over two years old (which is old considering I’ve probably used it almost every day), and it’s broken.

So it shouldn’t surprise the reader that I’ve been looking for a magic wand to wave over my stick that’ll fix it. Well LaxWax, a new product designed to “element-proof your game,” definitely didn’t unpinch or unbreak my stick, but after applying it to the mesh I’m confident it will make my beat up mesh last even longer.

The first application. I was nervous.

Day 1:

Now, to start from the beginning, LaxWax is the next in a recent line of products that includes East Coast Mesh and Ninja Mesh that are all wax based, bringing a new feel (and smell) to the mesh we’ve been using for so long. Instead of coating the mesh before you get it like East Coast and Ninja Mesh do, LaxWax sends you the wax to apply yourself!

You have to understand, when it comes to stick-stringing, I fear change. I know what I like in my pocket, I know how to string it, and if it ain’t broke I don’t fix it.

Well when LaxWax sent me this product, I was forced to introduce change to a stick that has been dialed in since 2010. What was I going to do, put it on brand new mesh? That seemed to defeat the purpose of the stuff, so I took a deep breath, took my gamer off the wall and dove in. Luckily, the stuff comes in this fun giant chapstick/Pushpop-looking container and actually smells quite pleasant, like strawberry. Admittedly, I had fun putting this stuff on.

I put a little on the back too, but not much.

I was pretty nervous about waxing my stick. I ran through the on-field doomsday scenarios in my head. “It’ll whip more. It’ll be sticky. It’ll smell.” I’m a nervous guy about this stick because it’s the only one that I trust 100%.

None of these scenarios played out. My stick threw and shot exactly the same with the added benefit of that waxy hugging-the-ball feeling East Coast mesh gives. It was, from where I was shooting, the best of both worlds and I went home and reapplied. I was too nervous to put much on the first go around.

This is what your mesh will look like after a more conservative coating.

Day 2:

After reapplying, I tossed around with some friends, ripped on a cage, and suited up with my high school team. Getting a few reps in after you apply this stuff forces most of it into the nooks and crannies of your mesh, and makes the rest of it fall off, coating your mesh pretty evenly in wax.

I really dig the feel of this stuff, and I think I’ll keep reapplying it to the inside of the mesh from time to time. I still haven’t let LaxWax touch the shooting strings or anything above; that’s not where the ball sits and I’m too spooked to mess this thing up. If you’ve watched the video up top you’ll see that you’re supposed to mash this stuff all over your mesh and totally coat it for element-proofing. My stick has never had any problems in the rain, so that wasn’t my goal using this stuff. I’m hoping it’ll take some of the impact of the ball repeatedly hitting it to make it last longer.

The down side, however, is two-fold. 1) The wax pulls dirt off the ball and doesn’t stay wax-colored for long. It makes the inside of your pocket look dirtier, and the pleasant scent starts fading. If your stick is as disgusting as mine, this really isn’t an issue, and the added feel for the ball will be worth it. 2) It picks up turf pellets. I noticed it a few different times after I finished an offensive possession. Like I said though, if it doesn’t change my throwing, shooting, or cradling, I’m not really concerned about it.

Bottom line: 

If you’ve wanted to try that East Coast or Ninja mesh, but love your gamer too much to make the switch, this stuff is the answer for you. When you apply LaxWax to a stick you trust, you’re practically assured success because it really changes nothing essential about your stick’s already stellar performance. I can’t attest to how well it truly element-proofs anything yet–in part because I don’t think I apply enough of it, and in part because I haven’t used it in the rain, but maybe one of these kids can:


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