Lacrosse’s Joga Bonito

2 - Published January 1, 2013 by in Lax Nation

Nike has released a number of pretty impressive campaigns and advertisements.  That said, they have never really been able to top the Joga Bonito campaign that they released around 2006.  Joga Bonito means “play beautifully.”  Nike’s Joga Bonito campaign featured the world’s best soccer players, all of whom displayed the art that can be created when athletes play for the love of their sport.  Here are a few of the commercials that were created.

Soccer, like lacrosse now, took a while to really become popular in the U.S.  Videos and campaigns similar to the Joga Bonito ads Nike produced, helped attract new followers and a larger fan base by showing sports fans how spectacular soccer can be. While many lacrosse fanatics and up and coming companies have begun to produce some pretty impressive videos, lacrosse needs a campaign that will put the sport on the map.

We’ve seen Matt Gibson bring in a new era of stick tricks.

Easton go rogue.

And Maverick show us that “growth is never by chance.”

While these videos are creating a new culture in lacrosse, I would like to see someone put together lacrosse’s Joga Bonitio.  Who would you like to see featured?