Photo by Tommy Gilligan/ Denver Lacrosse

Lacrosse Gear: Attention To Detail Is The Key To Custom

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We’ve seen custom colored helmets already in 2011 when Harvard went Crimson.  We saw a whole new approach to how a helmets’ finish and shine could be altered when Warrior unleashed their Green Monster (we came up with that) helmets this past weekend with Loyola.  We saw the matte finish to the helmets on Duke’s all black helmets last year, but this year we’re seeing Loyola’s fulltime gamer, and their helmet stickers are better.  They realized the helmet stickers they had last year were already awesome and just went from white to matte green.  Amazing how one little touch can take something from good to great.

The same is true for Denver’s new helmets.  Sure, they’re still rocking all white helmets.  But there is something different to them.  Something very different.

Photo by Tommy Gilligan/ Denver Lacrosse

Look at the helmet.

You saw it, right?  Of course you did.  You have a great eye.  But just in case you didn’t, take a closer look.

Photo by Tommy Gilligan/ Denver Lacrosse

Look... closer.

So you caught it.  Cool.  The facemask IS ridiculous!  It’s not a shiny gold or even a matte gold.  I don’t know if matte gold is really even possible.  I think that’s just called tan.  But it is gold.  It’s just iodized.  Or oxidized.   Or anodized.  Maybe it’s Brass.  Or has it been covered in bronze and then treated?  I can’t tell exactly what the deal is, but it’s cool.  Shiny gold facemasks are SO 2010.  Man, I’ve been wanting to say that forever.  Now if only Denver would ditch those all white lids!  What?  It could happen! Go West, young man, and dare to be different.  Love that Tierney was willing to go there as well… shows he’s more than in-tune with the players of today.

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