Glory Hound Custom Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse Balls Heal Pain, Glory Hound Lax Strikes Again

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Editor’s note: We just received this press release from our friends over at Glory Hound Lacrosse and thought it was worth sharing. It’s fun to see how something as small and sport-specific as a lacrosse ball can be used for the greater good of health care. Lacrosse balls heal pain!

Glory Hound Custom Lacrosse Balls

Trigger Point- Lacrosse Balls Build Business

With the continued growth of Trigger Point therapies and other pain management solutions, massage therapists, chiropractors, and sports medicine professionals are looking to a new source to promote their business and boost therapy tool sales: custom engraved lacrosse balls.

Commonly recommended for myofascial trigger point therapy and other massage techniques, solid rubber lacrosse balls offer a firm tool for self-release techniques or hands-on therapy. Now Glory Hound Lacrosse, the premier maker of custom engraved lacrosse balls for lacrosse teams and events from youth to professional, has announced that it will offer the same quality and service to the massage therapy field.

“Those of us who play lacrosse know how well these balls help relieve those nasty knots,” says Derek Craig of Glory Hound Lacrosse. “So it’s no surprise they’ve become standard tools for therapists and pain management specialists.”

“As practices and schools continue to look for effective ways to grow and promote their organizations,” continues Craig, “putting these tools in the hands of customers makes perfect sense.”

Glory Hound engraved balls come in a variety of colors and feature laser engraved logos or messages. Quantity discounts make the balls affordable for resale or promotional use. For more information, visit or contact Derek Craig at or 512-288-5539.

Congrats to the guys at GH!

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