kevin owens custom dye lacrosse string mesh2

Kevin Owens Must Dye: Ireland Box Lacrosse Head

6 - Published December 30, 2010 by in Dye Jobs, Sections, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Kevin Owens is from Fairfield, CT and he played for Butler University in college, before they dropped their Division 1 NCAA men’s team.  He is now a member of the Irish National Indoor Team and actually holds a passport, so you know he’s legit.  My feeling on all that is if you live in the country for at least a year leading up to the Games, hold a passport or have a parent that holds a passport, you should be eligible.  There are other, more nuanced, ways of being considered a national but those are the big 3.  And Kevin passes with flying colors!

He is now playing in the NYC Ulax Box League (as it was the closest box league he could find) for the Brooklyn LC alongside guys like Chris Massey and Jim Kappler.  Kevin, like most good box players, has a great stick.  The detailed and impressive inside-out dye he’s done just makes it that much better.  It really is impressive what he did with only one color.  This head pops and sets a very high bar.

kevin owens custom dye lacrosse string mesh2

very tine squares. inside out. stripes. nice.

kevin owens custom dye lacrosse string mesh

This is just perfection.

kevin owens dye job customs tring

Even some lettering!

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